Namsan Park
Namsan image Namsan is a recreational area for the citizens of Seoul as well as a major tourism site of Seoul. The greens of Namsan provide fresh vitality to Seoul.
Promenade course track 1: The track consists of a 3.2 km beltway that begins from the National Park. Road to Seoul Institute of Science Education or the opposite direction to the north can be taken.
Promenade course track 2: The track begins from Namsan Public Library and consists of a 30 minutes' walk to Seoul Tower by taking stairway.
Seoul Tower
Seoul Tower, which is one of the symbols of Seoul, is located at the top of Namsan. At a height of 479.7m (Namsan has an altitude of 243m and the height of Seoul Tower is 236.7m), the whole landscape of Seoul can be enjoyed.

Facilities at Seoul Tower include “Land of Fantasy,” 3D Video Hall, a revolving restaurant (Western), Skyland Restaurant (western and Korean) and Hankook (Korean).
Namsan tower image
Namsan Botanical Garden
To restore the original shape of Namsan, buildings in Hananam-dong were demolished in 1997. On the site, Namsan Botanical Garden was open in February 18, 1997. In an area of 59,241m2, the garden displays plants in 13 themes. A total of 117,132 trees (269 species) that can grow in Seoul are planted in the garden.
Namsan Cherry Blossoms Festival
Namsan image In April,
Namsan Cherry Blossoms Festival at Namsan Park. About 2,000 cherry trees for a picturesque image that mark the acme of spring.
Namsan Cable Car
Namsan Cable Car began operations in 1962. Every year, about 600 thousand use the cable car. The distance travelled by the cable car is about 600m and average speed is 3.2m/sec. One-way trip lasts about three minutes. Namsan cable car image