hangang park image Ichon District of Hangang Park is located on the northern end of the Han River's riverbank between Hannam Bridge and Mapo Bridge. The area is the habitat of reeds, pampas grass, and cosmos flowers and is a popular place for citizens who stroll and jog. The district also houses diverse sports and recreation facilities including Plaza for the Youth, X-Game Center, international-class inline staking rink, basketball arena, tennis courts, and gateball courts.

- Area: 922.185m2
- Length: 10.2km
(From around Jungnangcheon Bridge to Ukcheon Bridge)
- Address: 302, Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Hangang Mansion (250m): 15, 149, 6211
Ichon Station: 15, 149, 6211
500 meters from Exit Number 4, Ichon Station, Subway Line 1, 4
100 meters from Seobinggo Station, Subway Line 1
Passenger car
When driving in Gangbyeon Expressway in the direction of Walker Hill
-Take the ramp that appears after driving 20 meters from Hangangcheolggyo (Railroad Bridge)
-Take the ramp that appears after driving 1,500 meters from Hangangdaegyo ;
When driving in Gangbyeon Expressway in the direction of Nanji-do
-Take the pedestrian underpass in front of Shindongah Shopping, which is located 200 meters from Dongjak Bridge
X-Game Center & Inline Skating Rink
X-Game Center and international-class inline skating rink provide thrills from speed and exquisite skills. Smooth 400m road track made of concrete and urethane floor of 200m bank track provide pleasure from speed that is greater than in any other parks in Hangang River areas.
Hangang River Crossing Experience Center
This is a rafting program on the Han River. On rubber boats, teams made of 12 members leave Ichon Youth Water Training Center to reach Huksuk-dong.

During the round trip taking about 90 minutes (2km), 12 team members have to exercise teamwork to succeed in this challenge. The center's program is often used for enhancing teamwork of social community members.
han river image
Items Facilities Information
Sports facilities Soccer (2), basketball (3), volleyball (2), tennis (8), badminton (2), woodball (1), physical training (1), (1), gateball (2), multi-purpose playground ( , 1) Ichon District Office 3780-0551
Bicycle road 10.2km (road for bicycles as well as pedestrians)  
Bicycle rental - Location: near Hangang River Crossing Experience Center (formerly Turtle Ship Ferry)
- Hours: from 09:00 to sunset
- For one person: KRW 3,000 per hour (KRW 500 for each extra 15 minutes)
- For two people: KRW 6,000 per hour (KRW 1,000 for each extra 15 minutes)
Hangang River Crossing Experience Center - Open periods: May-October (every Monday)
- Participation fee: KRW 4,000 per person
- Website:
Sea Explorers of 790-1891
Roller Skating Rink Road track (400m), bank track (200m) Seoul Sports Council 790-6385
Youth Plaza Five basketball courts Korea Youth AssociationSeoul Branch 841-9294, 019-313-0062
Parking Three parking facilities, a total of 524 vehicles can be parked
- KRW 3,000 per parking / Monthly: KRW 50,000
- Days: Mondays-Saturdays (free on Sundays and holidays)
- Hours: 09:00-21:00
Parking office 790-4610
Facilities Shops (5), restrooms (11), water zone (13), shadow tent (27), children’s playground (2), nature study center (11,070㎡), bicycle racks (5) Ichon District Office 3780-0551
Tennis court Eight courts J&J SPORTS KOREA 780-0799