We, Yongsangu Cultural and Sports Center, protects the interests of the community citizens based on their autonomy and participation in daily life, and in order to improve the quality of the community’s culture, educates and consults people and develops new programs of leisure activities. By providing the place for people’s sound physical activities and leisure culture, we aim to contribute to promotion of welfare and health of the whole Yongsan district and residents as a cultural and sports center.
Operating directions of Yongsangu Cultural Sports Center
By operating cultural activity program for the community people, it will make grounds of healthy life for all its members.
By active operation of program, it will explore to specialize in programs as a cultural and sports center.
By active conduct of connecting business, it will promote to improve the quality and quantity level of the programs of the neighboring educational institutions.
By expanding the area for its leisure activity support, it will provide the users with good quality programs.
Guide to its facilities (CENTER EQUIPMENT INFOR)
Application method
Call the Center firstly for a consultation and then visit us to sign up
Every citizen (priority to be given to clubs and current users if any competition arises)
Operating hours
Usable at times besides the normal opening hours of the programs (gym, swimming pool and culture classroom)
Capacity of facilities
Gym (basketball courts, seats for the audience, and other sports activities are available. \1,500 extra charges per person to be borne for exceeding 50 persons)
Swimming pool (25m long, exclusively for children), Culture classroom with 30 seats
The staff in charge of rent (TEL: 02-707-2649 Ex: 210 / FAX: 02-707-2495)
To visit us, public transportation is recommended due to the confined parking lot.
Main facilities
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Guide to its operating hours

(Monday~ Friday)- 6 a.m.~ 11 p.m.
(Saturday)- 6 a.m. ~ 6 p.m
Opening on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month – 10 a.m.~ 5:20 p.m. Closed:
on the 1st/ 3rd / 5th Sunday of the month, national holidays, public holidays