medical image Period : All year round
Eligible Person
A person who has been having problem in respiratory system (coughing, expectoration, blood phlegm or hemoptysis for more than 2 weeks)
A person living or having lived with Tubercle patients (especially, expectoration-positive patients)
A person who were examined to have indisposition view from other medical institutes
A person who wishes to be test for Tubercle
A person who is notified to have tubercle from the Ministry of Military Manpower Administration or other hospitals
Highly risk Tubercle group (Diabetics, Alcoholics, person with HIV, Homeless, etc)
Tubercle medical examination and treatment unit
Chest X-ray examination and sputum examination
Result notification
Individual notification (Medical treatment for a person with positive result will be treated after registration at tubercle unit)
※ Treatment period is 6 months and 12 months treatment is available in accordance with treatment result
Examination fee: Free
Medication fee: Monthly 2,000 KRW
※ Inquiry : Tubercle medical examination and treatment unit, Public health guide department (TEL 710-3440)