The following information is necessary for treatment of illnesses in Korean medical services organization.
Hospitals for foreigners
Hospitals image Foreigners who do not speak Korean are recommended to bring Korean friends who can interpret to hospitals or to go to hospitals where English is spoken. Some hospitals in Yongsan-gu operate international medical centers for foreigners.
Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital
Type: General Hospital
Location: 657-58, Hannam-dong
Subway: Hannam Station (Subway Line 1)
Tel: 02-709-9158 (Treatment Center for Foreigners)
Language: English
Keumkang Asan Hospital
Type: General Hospital
Location: 301-165, Ichon 1-dong
Subway: Take taxi from Ichon Station (Lines 1, 4)
Tel: 02-799-5000
Language: English
Sowha Childrens Hospital
Type: General Hospital (Pediatry, Pediatric Surgery)
Location: 224-32, Seogye-dong, Yongsan-gu (Exit Number 1, Seoul Station)
Telephone: 02-705-9000
Language: English
※  Dental service

Dental services are available in most general hospitals located in Yongsan area. Dental services are also available in private dental clinics all over Seoul. All these locations provide high quality services. Most dentists can to some extent communicate in English. Some dental services are covered by health insurance.

Reservation is recommended.
Pharmacy image Pharmacies can be easily found in all areas of Yongsan and are generally open until 8:00 p.m. In most cases, prescriptions written by doctors are necessary to purchase medicines. Pharmacies also sell drugs that can be purchased without prescription, medical products, and health foods.
Health insurance
Types of insurance
Health insurance is of two types: workplace health insurance and regional health insurance. Employees working in a company that has more than five employees are eligible for health insurance provided by the company and the employee, the spouse of the employee and their children are covered. Foreigners who are not eligible for workplace health insurance have to apply for regional health insurance.
Foreigners who permanently stay in Korea on F-2 visa
Foreigners who are married to Koreans.
Foreigners who stay in Korea on D-1, D-2, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9, E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, E-7, E-8, F-4, and F-5 visa. And their children on F-3 visa younger than 20 years old.
Application can be made at the headquarters of National Health Insurance Corporation or its branch in Yongsan.
① Headquarters of National Health Insurance Corporation
-Location: Health Insurance Center, 168-9, Yeomni-dong, Mapo-gu
-Tel: 02-3270-9155
② Branch of National Health Insurance CorporationYongsan
-Address: Sixth Floor, Yongsan Building, 92, Galwol-dong, Yongsan-gu
-Telephone: 02-2077-5114/5150
Necessary documents
① Certificate of Alien Registration, certificate of employment, or employment contract
② Documents that can prove the purpose of stay
③ Documents that can verify income (when the applicant has income)
④ Holders of F-1 and F-3 should provide documents that shows the relationship between them and their family members.
⑤ Domestic Residence Report Certificate, in the case of Koreans who are foreign nationals (F-4)

Free treatment for foreigners

foreigners image  
Free medical treatment is available to foreigners who are not covered by health care system such as health insurance and health wage: foreign workers, foreign workers' children, women migrants who have married Korean nationals but whose naturalization is in progress, and women migrants' children.
Amount of support
Full coverage for the whole period of hospitalization within KRW 5 million per hospitalization. (When costs exceed KRW 5 million, a support up to KRW 10 million may be provided after a review.)
Hospitalized treatment and same-day un-hospitalized surgery
One un-hospitalized treatment before hospitalization or surgery; three un-hospitalized treatment after the major treatment.
Facilities that provide free treatment for foreigners
City Medical facility name Address Telephone
Seoul Seoul Medical Center 171-1, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, (02) 3430-0201
Seoul Seoul Red Cross Hosptial 164, Pyeong-dong, Jongno-gu, (02) 2002-8852
Seoul Migrant Workers’ Clinic 137-22, Garibong-dong, (02) 863-9966
Seoul National Medical Center 243, Uljiro, Jung-gu, (02) 2260-7062
Seoul Dongbu Hosptial 79, Muhangno, Dongdaemun-gu, (02) 920-9338
Hospitals for foreigners
119 image In emergencies, help can be obtained by calling 112 (police), 119 (fire, ambulance, or rescue) from anywhere in Korea. Upon receiving calls, emergency centers track the location of callers and take appropriate measures. Respondents of 119 telephone calls speak basic English.
※ In addition, the following services are available.
International SOS Korea: membership-based 24-hour service in English and Japanese (Tel: 02-790-7561)