National Hangeul Museum provides exhibitions and opportunities to experience and learn about the history and value of Hanguel, which is the representative cultural heritage of Korea.

The collections include about 10,000 pieces demonstrating the symbolism and historicism of Hangeul from before and after the invention of Hunminjeongeum Manuscript to the present. The total floor area is 11,322㎡ with three stories above ground and one underground level to accommodate cultural events, exhibitions, educations, etc, along with the outdoor grass ground and rest area.

On the first floor, there is the Hangeul Nuri (library).

On the second floor, there is a permanent exhibition hall and Areum Nuri (Hangeul gift shop, tea shop).

On the third floor, there is a project exhibition hall, a Hangeul playground for children and a Hangeul learning center for foreigners.