Itaewon Global Village Festival
Itaewon is the Special Tourist Zone. Itaewon is a favorite location of foreignersin Seoul as they are attracted to its vibrant shops and multicultural environment. Every year at Itaewon, where cultural fusion is occurring, Itaewon Global Village Festival is held in September and October.
General Nami Shrine Festival
Around October 1 of lunar calendar, General Nami Shrine Festival is held at the shrine of General Nam I, located in Yongsan-gu. Villagers of the area had a tradition to hold rites to cherish the memory of Nam I, who was a loyal subject. The tradition developed into General Nami Shrine Festival. Diverse events including a going to war ceremony and flower lantern parade are held.
Yongsan Festival
Yongsan Festival is held on October 18 of every year to enhance pride of the residents of Yongsan-gu and to strengthen ties among the residents. Diverse sports and cultural events are held.