Period: All year round
Eligible Person
Pregnant women of 1st trimester to nursing mothers who gave birth in last 6 months
Prenatal Care
Ultrasonic examination: by appointments
Iron content supply: After 20 weeks of pregnancy, or after postpartum anemia examination
Medical care on Saturdays: Bring health insurance card (Industrial health insurance) or a proof of employment
Pregnancy response examination: Urine examination is carried out to detect pregnancy
Blood examination: Anemia, Hepatitis test, Blood type, Syphilis, AIDS
Urine test: Diabetes, Proteinuria
Managing health: weight and blood pressure check, Health care before and after delivery, iron content and nutrients supply for women
Care for nursing mothers
Congenital metabolic disorder examination and vaccination information
Consultation with women after birth, breast-feeding, childrearing, training and education of health care after delivery
Medical care fee: Free
Inquiry : Prenatal health care unit and public health guide department (☎710-3591, 3594)