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Foreigners who visited Itaewon clubs urged to get tested new hot

“We request those who visited clubs in Seoul’s Itaewon between late April and May 6 to refrain from going out and to follow instructions from community health centers to undergo a diagnostic test,” Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Jung Eun-kyeong said during a press conference Sunday.

Those who visited bars or clubs in Itaewon during the holiday period have a higher risk of exposure to the virus, Jung explained, urging them to dial 1339 to contact the emergency call center for a consultation. Even those without proper stay permits will be tested and treated free of charge and there is no need to worry about deportation, a Health Ministry official added.”



“Clubs and bars in Itaewon, usually bustling with crowds of young people, were deserted over the weekend as the city government effectively suspended their operations in fears of a possible bigger outbreak. Under the administrative order, which took effect immediately Saturday, all nightclubs and bars in Seoul have been banned from hosting crowds of people.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said such establishments would face harsh punishment if they breach the order. The order bans collective gatherings of people at such entertainment establishments, which is effectively an order to stop their business.

"We have no choice but to take such measures because we judged that the recommendation of self-control by the business owners will not be enough, considering the inaccuracy of entry logs of the clubs, and the man visited bars not only in Itaewon but also in Sinchon," Park said during a press briefing at Seoul City Hall.

Park also pointed out that city officials have failed to contact more than 1,300 people on the documents, due to the inaccuracy of entry logs. He asked visitors to the establishments in the period to voluntarily go through screening, citing that the city will otherwise consult with police for additional measures.”


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