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Namsan Park

Namsan is a popular tourist attraction in Seoul, and a resting spot for Seoul residents. The green land of Namsan provides fresh energy to Seoul.

  • Walking Course Track 1: A 3.2 km track that runs along the beltway starting at NamsanPark. Walk in the direction of Seoul Science Park, or in the opposite direction to the north.
  • Walking Course Track 2: Start at Namsan Library and take the staircase to head over to N Seoul Tower in 30 minutes.

N Seoul Tower

One of Seoul’s best-known landmarks, N Seoul Tower is located at the summit of Namsan. Enjoy the view of Soul from an altitude of 479.7 m (the altitude of Namsan is 243 m and the height of N Seoul Tower is 236.7 m).

Inside N Seoul Tower are a 3D cinema called “Land of Fantasy,” a rotating restaurant (Western cuisine), Skyland Restaurant (Western and Korean cuisine) and HanCook (Korean cuisine).


Namsan Cherry Blossom Festival

In April each year, the cherry blossom festival is held in Namsan. Over 2,000 cherry blossom tress offer visitors a scenic view at the height of spring.

Namsan Cable Car

The Namsan Cable Car began operation in 1962. Each year, over 600,000 people use the Namsan Cable Car. The distance traveled on the cable car is approximately 600 m and the average operation speed is 3.2 m/s. It takes about three minutes one-way.