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The Ichon Hangang Riverside Park is located between Hannamdaegyo Bridge and Mapodaegyo Bridge on the north side of the river. This area is a scenic spot with reeds, silver grass and cosmos that is popular among residents who enjoy walks and jogging. Various sports venues and leisure activity spaces are available, including a youth plaza for teenagers, an X-gaming site for extreme sports, an in-line skating rink that meets international standards, a basketball court, a tennis court and a gate ball court.

  • Area: 922.185 m²
  • Length: 10.2 km
    (From Jungnangcheongyo Bridge to Ukcheongyo Bridge)
  • Address: 62, Ichon-ro 72-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (302-17, Ichon-dong)
  • Tel:Ichon Information Center ☎ 02-3780-0551
  • Hangang Project Headquarters


By Bus

  • Ichon-dong Hangang Mansion, Ichon Station: 100, 2016, 6211
  • Ichon-dong Hangaram Apartment, Ichon Station: 100, 2016, 6211

By Subway

  • Exit 4 on Line 1 & 4 Ichon Station (500 m), Jungang Line, Seobinggo Station (100 m)
    ※ Nodeulseom Island: 1,000 m toward Hangangdaegyo Bridge from Line>gsan Station and Sinyongsan Station

By Car

  • Walkerhill Hotel on Gangbyeon Expressway: Pass Hangang Railroad Bridge and take the entryway 20 m later, pass Hangangdaegyo Bridge and take the entryway 1,500 m later
  • Nanjido Island on Gangbyeon Expressway
  • Take the Seobinggo Interchange (Underpass in front of Sindongga Shopping) 200 m ahead of Dongjakdaegyo Bridge

X Game Site and In-line Skating Rink

Enjoy the thrill of speed and precise technique at the X Game Center and the in-line skating rink that meets international standards. Enjoy speed like you have never before on the 400 m concrete road track with a smooth surface, and the 200 m bank track with urethane flooring.

Crossing Hangang River Center

This program offers you a chance to go rafting on the Hangang River. Eight people get on a rubber boat and go from the Ichon Youth Water Training Center to Heukseok-dong.

Crossing Hangang River Center
Item Facilities Information
Sports facilities Soccer fields (2), Basketball courts (2), Volleyball courts (3), Foot volleyball courts (2), Tennis courts (8), Badminton courts (2), Woodball field (1), Youth Square (1), Gateball field (1), In-line skating rink (1) Ichon Information Center
Bicycle Road 10.2 km (Bicycle and pedestrian road)
Bicycle Rental Shop - Location: Next to the Crossing Hangang River Center (Turtle Ship Dock)
- Hours of operation: 09:00 - Sunset
- 1 person: KRW 3,000 per hour (KRW 500 for every 15 min thereafter)
>2 persons: KRW 6,000 per hour (KRW 1,000 for every 15 min thereafter) >
Crossing the Hangang River Center - Period of operation: April-October (Closed on every other Monday/Every Monday)
- Fee: KRW 4,000 per person
Sea Explorers of Korea
In-line Skating Rink Road track (400 m), Bank track (200 m) Seoul Sports Council – Korea Sport Leader
Youth Square 2 basketball courts Hangang Project Headquarters
Parking 3 parking lots; Parking available for 524 cars
- KRW 3,000 for all day parking / Monthly pass: KRW 50,000
- Open on: Mon-Sat (Free on Sundays and national holidays)
- Hours of operation: 09:00-21:00
Parking Management Office 02-577-3331
Drinking Fountain and Amenities Snack bars (5), Restrooms (11), Drinking fountains (13), Sun shelters (27), Playgrounds (2), Natural exploration area (11,070 ㎡), Bicycle storage areas (5) Ichon Information Center
Tennis Court 8 tennis courts J&J Sports Korea