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Yongsan Electronics Market

  • A number of shopping malls are clustered inside Yongsan Electronics Market, including Yongsan Electronics Land, Seonin Store, Najin Store, Wonhyo Electronics Market, Terminal Shopping Center and Seoul Electronics Market.
  • Yongsan Electronics Market features Korea’s largest concentration of electronic goods stores. Approximately 4,000 stores form the market, where you can find all kinds of electronic goods including computers, peripherals, video equipment, sound equipment, digital cameras, mobile phones and more, usually for about 20-30% off their normal price. There is also a multiplex theater within Yongsan Electronics Market.

Itaewon Special Tourist Zone

  • Itaewon is an exotic location in downtown Seoul that is perfect for enjoying shopping and entertainment. All sorts of products can be found here, including clothing, souvenirs, and antiques from Asia and the West, as well as hotels, ethnic restaurants, foreigner-exclusive bars and karaoke rooms. English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and French are commonly spoken at stores in Itaewon. The products are diverse and cheap. There are over 1,500 shops that sell all kinds of products. This alone is a good reason for foreigners to shop in Itaewon.
  • Location: Noksapyeong Station or Itaewon Station (Subway Line 6) (Shopping image)

Lotte Mart

  • Lotte Mart is located inside the Seoul Station building (Subway Lines 1 & 4 and KTX). The fourth floor parking facility inside Lotte Mart can accommodate over 800 vehicles. Besides fresh food, all products handled at the department store including clothing and home appliances are sold at Lotte Mart.
  • Location: Seoul Station (Subway Lines 1 & 4 and KTX)


  • E-mart is located inside I Park Mall, a large shopping center inside Yongsan Station. Residents of Yongsan frequent E-mart to buy produce, seafood and daily necessities.
  • Location: Yongsan Station (Subway Line 1 and KTX)
  • Website:

Traditional Markets

  • Traditional markets in Korea used to be held a couple of times a month. Villagers would set up market stalls outdoors, and exchange one product for another. Small outdoor markets are still held in Korea today. Residents purchase vegetables and seafood from the traditional markets in residential areas of Yongsan-gu.

I Park Mall

  • I Park Mall is a large shopping mall with a size of 271,000, making it the largest shopping mall in Korea, at 2.3 times the size of COEX Mall in Samseong-dong. It also has great accessibility to Yongsan Station and the KTX Terminal.
  • I Park Mall is equipped with a digital store (3-8F), I Park Department Store(1-6F), I Park Culture Hall/Leports Hall (3-7F), Department Store Living Hall (3-7F), Retail Center (4-7F), Food Court (4-6F), CGV(6-7F), a multiplex theater with 13 cinemas and 2,500 seats, a Culture Center (4F) and a parking facility that can accommodate 2,500 vehicles.
    • Location: Yongsan Station (Subway Line 1 and KTX)