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Itaewon Global Village Festival

Itaewon is a special tourist zone and a popular tourist attraction, where foreigners gather to enjoy the vibrant stores and multicultural atmosphere. In October of each year, the Itaewon Global Village Festival is held in the cultural fusion district of Itaewon.

General Nami Shrine Ritual

Around October 1 on the lunar calendar, the General Nami Shrine Festival is held at the General Nami Shrine located in Yongsan-gu. The ancestral rite of honoring General Nami as a loyal vassal by the villagers was developed into the General Nami Shrine Ritual. Events include the General’s going to war ceremony and flower lantern parade.

Yongsan Festival

On October 18 each year, the Yongsan Festival is held to boost the morale of Yongsan residents and promote communal bonding.