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Dental Treatment

Treatment description:

  • Dental inspection, consultation and treatment
  • Early cavity treatment (amalgam filling)
  • Cervical abrasion (sensitive teeth) treatment
  • Sealant (Filling in gaps in teeth) / Residents of Yongsan age 5-7

Visit a general dentist for uninsured treatments such as wisdom tooth extraction, endodontic treatment,
prosthodontics and dentures.

Treatment Cost (Borne by the patient)

Treatment Cost (Borne by the patient)
Treatment Description Treatment Cost Eligibility for Free Inspection and Treatment
When adding a prescription after treatment KRW 500 - Medical Aid Certificate holders
- Korean nationals residing in Seoul aged 65 or over
- Homeless Facility Treatment Request holders

Only treatment KRW 1,100
Sealant KRW 3,850

Inquiries: Dental Health Center (Tel 02-2199-8118)