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Scope of treatment: Medical service for diseases affecting the elderly (high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis) and acute and chronic diseases

When visiting the health center for treatment, bring your Medical Aid Certificate or Health Insurance Card.

Treatment Cost (Borne by the patient)

Treatment Cost (Borne by the patient)
Treatment Description Fee Eligibility for Free Treatment
Uninsured care KRW 4,290 - Grade 1 and 2 Medical Aid Certificate holders
- Korean nationals residing in Seoul aged 65 or older
- Men of national merit
- Individuals with a grade 1 or grade 2 disability
- Homeless facility treatment request holders

Treatment consultation (Test and commission) KRW 1,100
Treatment and Physical Therapy KRW 1,600
(Wonhyo-ro Branch Office)
Treatment and issuance of prescription KRW 500
When only receiving physical therapy KRW 500
(Wonhyo-ro Branch Office)

How to use

  • Primary Treatment Room (Receive number / Register / Treatment & Consultation with doctor)
  • Public Service Center (Receive prescription / Payment)
  • Physical Therapy Room (Relevant patients)
  • Blood Collection Chamber (Relevant patients)

Physical therapy is only available at the Wonhyo-ro Branch Office.

Inquiries: 1F, Itaewon Health Center ☎02-2199-8392, 2F, Wonhyo-ro Branch Office ☎02-2199-8386